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surbhi samdani forex

Architect Surbhi Jindal Shaik Samdani Marble Layers · View · Roy Sanitary & Hardware · View · Shree Ram Sweets & Farsan Forex Pest Control Services. , , 37AAGCMA1ZU, MATRIX FOREX SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, STATE , , 37AASFSE1ZV, SURABHI AGENCIES, STATE. Regional Head Sales - ETRG (Trade & Forex) at ICICI Bank. Surat · Ravindra Kumar Surbhi Samdani. Graphic Designer. Bhilwara · Radhika Dhorajiya. INTELMOBILEYE BEURS You can also for money-saving objectives MySQL to accept. By downloading, installing or using the same level of collections of your shown if the of malware signatures. HI I have.

Allahabad Bank Sri V. Fax No. Email ID No. Sushma Khanna Mr. Vivek Gangwar Designation. Name of the School with address strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board with pin code no. E-mail publicschoolkm yahoo. Nursing Admission after 2nd Counselling Dated. Annexure- A A. Paul, Port Blair,.

Trade Testing centre Address Photo. Daya Shankar. Varansi 2. Bhanu Pratap Singh 8. Varansi 3. Vikarma Prasad. We have over 47 branches that provide specialised foreign exchange services. Get in touch with us at any of these branches and we will be more than glad to help you. Daily forex market information regarding. List of Candidates to be awarded degrees of Doctor of Philosophy Ph. Authorized doctors for medical - Canada student visa Note : This information is subject to change at any time.

Please refer to the contents here on a regular basis for up-to-date contact information. Office of the Textile Commissioner: Sr. Agra Jammu 2. Ajmer Jodhpur 3. Allahabad Kolkata 4. Bareilly Mathematical Modelling, Optimization and their Applications P. Jha M. Profit Maximization Policy for Manufacturers. Names of the Company Contact Person Tel. Fax Nos. Pin Mr. Sunil Vadehra,. Ranking of stitutions Based on M.

Centre Contact details of the Office of Banking Ombudsman 1. Ahmedabad Shri. Summary Discussion of the Pre-retirement counseling workshop held on Customer Support Hotline Guidelines for verification of Genuineness of Educational Certificate The applicant should come in person between 8 a. Sri K. Bhatt Principal Secretary, Law-cum-L. Government of. List of criminal attorneys Below is a list of attorneys who specialize in criminal law, whose services can be retained if necessary.

The mission is not permitted or authorized to recommend any particular. Introduction Grievance Redressal Policy In the present scenario of competitive banking, excellence in customer service is the most important tool for sustained business growth.

Customer complaints are. For the information of. University Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation ,. YEAR: 2. Roll Number and Online examination centre details for Departmental Examination for the post of Junior Executive Electronics scheduled to be held on Timing: What are the registration requirements for existing members of commodity derivatives exchanges?

Ans: Existing members of commodity derivatives exchanges. Information about Digital Signature Certificate Office of the Principal 1. Principal Dr. Shekhawat 2. Office of the Medical Superintendent. The degree course is highly popular among graduates and has been attracting. Name of the School with address G. Biswajit Dhar, Ph. Director-General Specialisation: Trade and development issues; international finance; intellectual property rights, traditional knowledge, protection and sustainable. Benefits payable: 1.

School, Ansari Nagar, Affiliation sanction latter or as permitted by the. List of State Adoption Resource Agencies as on Address, e-mail, phone and fax Mobile No. State Adoption Resource Agency Ms. Vijay Lakshmi, Andhra Pradesh Assistant. Vijay Chopra Avinash Chopra Joint Editor Barjinder Singh Hamdard Managing Editor The study had two major modules i. Perceptual Rating.

Solanki Heritage Insurance Brokers Pvt. Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Wilfred Wilson 10 months ago Views:. View more. Similar documents. Vivek Gangwar Designation More information.

Paul, Port Blair, More information. Vikarma Prasad More information. Directors: Mr. Relief Road, Ahmedabad. Industrial Finance Branch, Ahmedabad Overseas Branch, Bangalore We have over 47 branches that provide specialised foreign exchange services. Daily forex market information regarding More information. Charity No.

Charity More information. List of State Nodal Agencies. More information. Donnison, Rachel What issues need to be considered by nurses when faced with parents who refuse treatment for their children? Donoghue, Amy Investigating the benefits of transactional analysis in conflict management. Doriath, Maeva Determining the optimal location for a distribution centre in Allier, France. Dorkin, Debra-Anne An exploration of whether a foreign language background impacts on the ability of Year 1 children in a British international primary school to assimilate English phonics skills and how this affects their reading development.

Dosunmu, Adebukola Analysis of operational risk management in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Dove, Alayna Exploring nursing experience of recognising and preventing dehydration amongst the hospitalised elderly population. Doyle, E. A study of contemporary cultural influences on the identity constructions of senior consultants. Firms For the Period to Drew, F. Du, Cong A cross-country comparison of Expected Shortfall estimation models.

Du, Zhonghui How can Artificial Intelligence help e-commerce firms to improve customer satisfaction and business performance. Dube, Nipun Effective change management and engagement strategies for Nottingham Forest to make it a successful Multi-Channel retailer. Duggan, Ruadh An investigation into staff and pupil views of a character education programme in a comprehensive academy.

Duncan, Eleanor Working with patients and providers of healthcare to construct a questionnaire that will provide a valid and reliable measure of dignity and privacy for older patients staying in NHS hospitals. Dunn, Matthew J. Duyile, Akintunde Football match prediction through the use of statistical analysis and machine learning.

Dwarkasing, Shanta Helena Value creation in cross-sector collaborations: a value analysis of business and non-profit partnerships in Malaysia. Eakins, Keating Wheelbase Motor Project: An illustrative case study examining the determinants social enterprises within the United Kingdom could use to identify appropriate legal forms.

A case for the Crude Oil and Fertilizer Industry. Easton, Benjamin Michael Helping medication users discover and solve nutritional deficiencies. Edward, Chikanma N. Edwards, Kim How can pupils who have negotiated transition successfully be utilised to improve transition periods for all? Efstratopoulos, Panos G. Egede, Joy Onyekachukwu Unsupervised learning of facial expression components. Eggertsen, Alyssa How the differences in structure and funding of healthcare systems, in the UK and the USA, impact on the delivery of end of life care: a Critical Review.

Egunlae, Vincent Does international experience form a sustainable competitive advantage at the executive level? Elimanova, Madina The impact of internal integration on external integration: The case study of "Zerde". Elsayed, Mohamed Automated search methodologies for integrated railway scheduling. Elshazly, Ahmed Elsaid Abdelhalim Eliwa Business of love: exploring motivations to use and sentiments towards online dating using big data analytics.

Emily, Rushworth An exploration of adult nurses' attitudes towards patients with AN: a student's experience of research. Endeley, E. Enearu, Michael The critical evaluation of how age influences founders' leadership style within small firms in Nigeria.

Eowpittayakul, Pongsakorn An investigation into internationalization motives, export barriers and the export marketing strategies that effect exporting performance of Thai textile SME Company. Erubami, Paul O. Exley, Rose Student nurses' lived experiences of caring for women undergoing a termination of pregnancy. Ezenwajiaku, Kelvin Are there factors that affect the performance and motivation of academics? An investigation on UK and Nigerian lecturers.

Author: Feng Lu. A study of French private clinics. Fabian, Khristin On the design of mobile applications for Geometry. Faboya, Olusola Theophilus Simulating airport operations using different world views. Fahd, Mohammad Proactive personality and work engagement: the mediating role of thriving at work.

Fairbrother, Louise Is there a Safe Level of Alcohol that can be consumed during Pregnancy without causing Adverse Outcomes to the Child and is this being communicated effectively to Pregnant Women? Faizy, Suhail The role of hedge funds in mergers and acquisitions. Fan, Jiahui Examination of capital structure decisions: evidence from UK listed firms. Fanthorpe, Rachel An exploratory study into the role of leadership, organisation and technology as knowledge management enablers: implications for local criminal justice boards.

Fanyue, Li An empirical analysis of the determinants of credit risk in Chinese banking sector. Faraz, Amna Factors influencing employees' pro organizational attitudes. Fardell, Chloe Understanding the issues and factors of crowdsourcing tasks in a call centre environment.

Farooq, Sharjeel What are the criteria for selecting people to whom the services of microfinance should be provided in order to maximize the impact on poverty alleviation? Faruquee, Murtaza Benchmarking practice for ports terminal operations: A comparative study between theoretical and practical approaches.

Feng, Jialun Deposit insurance, discipline market, moral hazard and risk in Banking: A quantitative approach. Feng, Manyu The determinants of Capital Structure of Chinese listed firms: Do overcapacity firms have the same capital structure? Feng, Mengyi Exploring the impact of e-WOM on customer purchasing intention and co-creation of adults who use Taobao.

Feng, Shichen Digitization of Historical Seismograms. Feng, Shu-Xin An empirical analysis of the determinants of bank's credit risk and evaluating the relationship between these determinants and the credit risk. Feng, Y. Fenton, Beth Investigating year 8 student perceptions of using science subject specific assessment without level criteria. A new era in developing autonomous behaviours in science learning? Fernandez, Eva The influence of host country factors on firms' entry mode choice: a cross comparative case study of Pernod Ricard entry strategies in USA and China.

Fernando, W. Figg, Gemma Type 2 diabetes mellitus and atherogenic dyslipidemia: Which statin is most effective in the primary prevention of cardiovascular events? Findlay, Benjamin Discourse analysis of purpose, structure and epistemological assumptions within Distinction Level postgraduate studient texts from Apprenticeship genres within three related disciplines. Fisher, David W. Flaxman, Polly Honey treatment as a primary dressing for venous leg ulcers: a systematic review.

Fonseca, Melbourne Analysis of the differences in the management of a conventional and a takaful insurance company. Foo, Yong Luk Minding the gap: of power and authority in hierarchical structures of multinational companies and its influence in wrongdoing. Forbes, Anna C. A Case Study of Bermuda. Ford, Jason A case study: what is school culture and how is it built from the perspective of stakeholders within an organisation?

Forrest, Alex The 7 Day Railway. A case study from the mobile Health sector in Tanzania. Foster, Christopher Oh Matron! Coupling role theory and the performance management of pastoral support staff in a boarding school. Fu, Chuqiong Case study: A study of the relationship between management style and job satisfaction in a Chinese culture context.

A Chinese Case in Hangzhou. Fu, Xiaofeng an exploratory study of motivations for Chinese Posts consumers to purchase luxury products. Fu, Xundi An empirical investigation into the determinants of the capital structure of Chinese listed firms.

Fyson, Nick Sustaining competitive advantage in the UK's rail spares overhaul market. Gaba, Sergei Securitisation: a crucial strategic tool for banking sector. Gabriel, R. Gajendra, Nischal Nelpate How can the discipline of business case definition ensure that IT infrastructure programmes are completed successfully and deliver business value? Gale, James William An investigation into the aerospace industry with specific reference to the aero-engine sector and its electronic advancements.

Gallage, H. Gan, Kok Lin Factors affecting the perception and intention of Malaysian consumers to adopt mobile payment: an empirical study. Gao, Yang practical and theoritical analysis of shared appreciation mortgage. Gao, Yiqi Pricing risk- data is available on the premium rates charged by life insurance companies. Are there differences between large firms and small firms? Between mutual firms and proprietary firms? Gao, Ziyan Are employers offering the right rewards? An investigation into how posts and 90s in Shanghai can be attracted, motivated and retained by rewards.

Garcia-Hjarles Villanueva, Galia Rocio Women owners of small or medium companies and their stakeholder relationship in Nottingham: an exploratory research. The Case of Regus UK. Gardner, Christopher A critical assessment of the relative success and failings of Central European countries to attract and sustain foreign direct investment.

Garg, Sumeet R. What drivers, issues and processes are used? An Orange Business Services perspective. Garry, Sebastian Asset bubble detection, causation and responses in a period of expansionary monetary policy. Gartshore, Emily The development and evaluation of a computer based e-learning tool to enhance knowledge of workplace wellness. Gatuguta, Susan Mwende Switching lanes: Exploring the strategic repositioning of the Kenyan tea industry.

Gawkasem, Jate Individual Learning Reflection. Ge, Ruilin Teachers' beliefs and practices regarding culture and intercultural communicative competence in Chinese teaching in the UK context. George, Charlotte What are the perceptions of perfectionism is a Girls' Boarding house. George, Joseph The role of logistics in e-commerce. George, Tracey What are the challenges faced by widening participation students in the transition period before starting university?

Experiences of students waiting to take up a place at a Russell Group University. Gibbings, James Michael Who is saying what? Gibson, Donald J. Gibson, Elizabeth Sarah Should 'Responsibility' be written on the tin? Gilbert, David Proposing new teaching and welfare practice to assist Autistic Spectrum Disorder ASD pupils transitioning from mainstream secondary education, through a systematic review of Savant Syndrome literature.

Giles, Joe Executive succession: The changing of the guard at the top of the golden arches food chain. A case study of top leader succession in global fast food giant McDonalds. Gill, Jaspreet A cross-cultural investigation of the effects of organisational culture on employee motivation and commitment, and its impact on performance within an international non-profit organisation.

Girma, Michael The impact of related and unrelated mergers and acquisitions on company productivity: Panel data evidence from the UK. Gkortsila, Marianna Is language essential? Exploring the role of language on deciding whether to localise or standardise an international advertising campaign. Godha, Kartika A study of Relationship Marketing in business-to-business markets focusing on the Indian Jewellery sector.

Goel, Avnee Value created or destroyed in mergers and acquisitions. Goh, Moi Huee A business plan for a startup of an international school targeting middle income group in Malaysia. Goldfield, Tim The perception and reality of added value in management consulting interventions. Gong, Yu-Qing An exploration of advertising values and beauty ideals manifest in print advertisements of cosmetic brands: A content analysis of Boots No. Gonzalez Alberto, Ana Y A systematic mapping on risks and techniques to enhance security in multi-cloud environments.

Gooss, Anita The effectiveness of online graduate recruitment. Gopalsamy Selvaraj, Murali Manohar Employee perceptions on safety and working conditions in the Textile industry: A comparison between Spinning and weaving units. Govinasamy, Mahadhevan Mergers and acquisitions announcement and stock price reaction: evidence from Asia Pacific media and telecommunications industry.

Graham, Sarah The problem with perceptions: an empirical investigation into the perception sixth formers have of 'politics'. Gravino, Nicola An exploration of job satisfaction amongst Maltese teachers. Greenwood, Jane Identifying leadership challenges when building capacity for professional development in an international school setting. Gregory, Alex A study measuring the effects of customer empowerment in co-creation. Gregory, Thomas How do disadvantaged students interact with their peers when taking part in collaborative tasks and what can be done to help them develop their communication skills?

Grewal, Bilkees Financial repression in India. A study on Italian smartphone consumers. Gros, Guillaume Assessing the Garman-Kohlhagen option pricing model. Gu, Weiwei Understanding the determinants of self-service technology SST adoption in fast-food chain setting. Guan, Guixin An investigation of motivations of Consumer participation in co-creation activities through communities: A case study of the fashion industry. Guan, L. Guillobez, Valerie Barbara Juliette Bridging the gap in advertising ethics, research and practice: a quantitative survey of consumers' perceptions.

Gulati, Aashish Need for effective feedback within an organisation. Gulhati, Swati Research and Development decisions, their importance and financing. Gunasekaran, Naren Gopal Studies on the impact of flexibility of environmental regulations on performance and on the link between environmental initiatives and environmental performance.

Guo, Meiling Audit quality and earnings management: Evidence from China. Guo, Meng The influence of online shopping reviews on customer purchase intention - The case of Alibaba online shop in China. Guo, Xin The business plan of Cry Bar. Guo, Yudi The relationship between the Five-Factor model and job performance of salespeople in clothing industry in Chengdu. Evidence from China Stock Market Micro-structure. Gupta, Gauri Understanding the differentiating impacts of the communication strategies of a high involvement service investment advisory services and a high involvement product precious jewellery on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Gupta, Karan The casual relationship between financial development and macroeconomic growth. Gupta, Saurabh Study on corporate strategies adopted by Indian passenger car manufacturers. Gupta, Shivi Understanding the role of the dealers and the distribution channel for passenger cars in the automotive industry in Europe and India.

Gupta, Shrey Emerging Pharma Markets. Gurbachan Singh, Mangehna Kaur The impact of big data analytics on financial statement auditing: an exploratory study. Guzman Sierra, Montserrat Understanding the resumability of tasks and behaviours when vision is disrupted while driving An occlusion and eye tracking evaluation.

Gwi, Qiao Ning Ownership choice of cross-border acquisitions by developed and emerging economy market firms: The case of Indian services sector. HO, K. HOU, Shuhao To explore the importance of brand to Chinese product under the international environment. K Firms. HUBY, P. Banks and UK Banks. Haddad, Adel Microfinance in Lebanon. Hainey, Lyndsey A qualitative exploration of how university students access sexual health services. Hallett, Sarah Benefits and barriers to physical activity in undergraduate student nurses.

Halls, Jonathan What is it for? How question wording influences young children's response to questions about natural phenomena. Hameed, Zainab Cheffle. Hamer, Naomi The development and evaluation of a computer based e-learning tool to enhance knowledge of workplace wellness. Hamidi, Muhammad Hairul Ashraf Factors affecting the purchase intentions of luxury cars in Malaysia.

Hammond, Matthew A Study into the Motivation of Knowledge Workers: Using an adapted version of the MOCC model of motivation to explain the motivational tendencies of project managers and engineers. Hamzah, Shariza Is Islamic Finance ethical finance? Principles and Stakeholder Responsibilities. Han, Cj The influence of information asymmetry upon syndicated loan. Han, Haoliang UK precipitation data display and forecasting.

Public Target Acquisitions. Han, Xiao The determinants of capital structure-An empirical study of Chinese real estate listed companies. Han, Y. Han, Yong Wah The role of institutional environment in financing decisions of small and medium firms in developing and transition economies. Hannabus, Stephanie A systematic review into the use of superficial heat and cold applications in the management of non-malignant, non-procedural pain in older adults.

Hannington, Lee Anthony Is there a business case for sustainable innovation in the consumer electronics retail industry? Hansotia, Shahen Internationalisation of the world retail congress: A Strategic market Analysis.

Harbord, Nicholas What are the most effective person-centred interventions to manage people with dementia on acute wards that wander? A systematic review. Hardas, Radhika The impact of the financial crisis on the risk efficiency of the banking sector of Hong Kong. Harding, R. Harriet, Gray The barriers to the involvement of children in the consent to their own treatment: A critical review. Harrison, Steven Mark Do the knowledge management strategies of codification and personalisation inform practice in a retail firm?

Harrold, Peter Developing learner autonomy in Vietnamese students studying on an Academic English program. Hassan, Ali The impact of Covid on global stock markets: an event study analysis. Hassan, Fardowsa Investigating the impact of microfinance on communities' welfare or quality of life in sub-Saharan Africa focusing on the case of Djibouti.

Haw, Hui Mun The effects of co-movement, macroeconomic announcement dates and major events on foreign exchange: the case of the Australian dollar and other selected currencies. Hawkins, Nicholas Factors affecting the motivation of migrant workers studying ESOL at an FE college: Can motivation and amotivation be predicted and can measures be taken to improve attendance and retention? Hay, Justine Critical Analysis of e-retailing and the use of the virtual environment by luxury fashion brands.

He, Junnan Loan loss provision behavior in China Banking system from to He, Rui Future of Chinese Banking -- An Analysis of efficiency, determinants of profitability and influence of online financing and shadow banking. Heath, Nicola Neonatal Pain Management.

Heffernan, Claire Breast cancer awareness in student nurses: Implications for health promotion. Henry, Nathan The effect of Cross-border vs. Henshaw, J. N Entrepreneurial Project - Art Shares. Herrmann, Johannes The importance of the region of origin effect and its implication for marketers: A qualitative research study in the Bakery Industry in Swabia.

Utilitarian Needs. Hey, James The application of software engineering principles towards developing an agent based economy climate model. Hibberd, Alice An investigation into the differing health information needs of patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Excellence in Practice: a comparison of hospice nurses' perspectives of care of the dying patient in the UK and North America.

Hidajat, Joan The impact of corporate income tax on capital structure and dividend policy decisions: an empirical study of listed firms in Malaysia. Hill, Olivia An investigation into the differing health information needs of patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Excellence in Practice: a comparison of hospice nurses' perspectives of care of the dying patient in the UK and North America. Hills, Oscar Corporate entrepreneurship at RELX Group: How has the organization leveraged corporate venturing and acquisitions to accelerate its overall business strategy?

Hipwell, Samuel Agora: collaborative tool for the creative practices. Ho, Cang Ning An exploratory study of how high-contact services conduct online marketing communications. Ho, J Millennial generation preferences in food and the effects on willingness to pay. Ho, Robin I. Ho, Thi Thu Van A case study of mergers and acquisition of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam and post-close performance.

Hodgson, Ian What are the mental models of managers of the resource-to-performance relationship? Hoffmann, Marcel H. Hong, Jaipei How do overseas students in mainland China get Chinese language exposure? Learners' perspectives on the experience of contact and use in a study-abroad context. Hong, Jinning How do companies deal with tax consequences of investment proposals? Hossain, Fyrooz Maisha A study on the emerging markets to compare the performances between conventional and Islamic stock markets due to the emergence of Covid pandemic: an empirical analysis based on volatility, efficiency and integration.

Hou, Yuguo Moral Hazard and Risk: Explain how financial institutions, such as banks, may suffer as a result of moral hazard and how might it be managed. Howard, Alice The use of parent participation in family centred care. Howard, Megan Servitisation of the global pharmaceutical industry and implications for clinical trials organisations.

Howard, Natalie A critical evaluation of in-house academic writing materials in two Australian Universities. Hoyes, A. Htun, Nyi Nyi Dance to Music to: Development of a Kinect-based musical tone player, and exploring possibility of it in application to motivate mobility of people. Hu, Chunan Investigation of factors determining risk-taking strategies in Pension fund investment of Defined Benefit schemes in the UK corporate pension system.

Hu, Shanshan What professional factors do teachers identify as stressful in an international school? Hu, Wenzhuo Marketing: Events as marketing tools in Thai hospitality industry. Hua, Fan Shall We Dance? Huang, Chen Chi A study of consumer consumption and consumption experience from an experiential marketing perspective -using the Eslite Bookstore in Taipei as an example. Huang, Fu De The development of patient oriented strategy to enhance medication adherence: the pharmaceutical perspective.

Huang, Heqing A study of imagined Chinese identity formation in Hollywood movies: using Stuart Hall's cultural identity theory. Huang, Ing Understanding the factors influencing millennials' clothing brand preference. Huang, Xiaoyi Effects of corporate hedges on firm exposure and firm value: empirical evidence from US. Huang, Yanyu Influence of board characteristics on risk disclosure quality in China's growth enterprise market companies.

Huang, bingjie bj weak ties, strong ties and ambidextrous innovation. Hubbard, Eleanor Hana Microcredit opportunities in developing and emerging economies: Lessons for how British banks can be more inclusive. Hudson, Alexandra The reality of career and teacher development as an EAP practitioner - an outsider's view looking in. Huen, Wing Yu Sustainability impacts of Sharing Economy in urban context: A case study of business models in accommodation and mobility sectors.

Hughes, Chantelle What factors promote or hinder women with diabetes accessing preconception services? Hughes, Jennifer A critical exploration of the barriers and opportunities to the effective management of later life depression. Hulkund, Santosh Mallikarjun Turnarounds in high technology firms from a resource based view: A case study.

Hunt, Charlotte A survey of the influenza vaccination uptake among student nurses: prevalence and predictive factors. Huo, Erman Analysis of the capital structure: an empirical study of listed companies in UK. Huo, Zihao The impact of 3D printing on confectionery supply chain. Hussain, Syed Shah Ibrahim Organizational culture on employees ethical behavior within an organization.

Hutchby, Claire What do we know about using drama techniques to promote restorative practices? Huynh, Luan Tesco plc. A company to invest in? Iem, Marina The role of celebrities as an aspirational reference group in the online environment for consumers of the Generation Y.

Ievsieieva, Kateryna A framework for reform in the logistics and transportation sector: the case of the European Union accession. Iguodala, Utomwen S. Ijogun, O. Ikiao, Timothy The case for incorporating CSR into strategy and the joint role with Marketing in promoting sustainable consumption and production. Indorewalla, Anahita K. Ip, Chun Him How do secondary schools in Hong Kong manage diversity in age, gender, and culture; and the implications.

Irodotou, Pavlina Profession differences in revealed risk preferences: An empirical analysis of Doctors, Accountants and Insurance Employees. Ismail, Mohamed Yazid The influence of perceived support and proactive personality in influencing entreprenurial intentions among working individuals in Malaysia. Ivan, Rahadian Firdaus Succession challenges in maintaining sustainability: Indonesian mining and construction industry. Ivanov, Ilia How the online environment can facilitate or hinder Creative Problem Solving process among international students, and how this environment help the recognition of a creative person in international business environment?

Jackson, Oliver John An investigation into the drivers and barriers for carbon emissions measurment and reduction: A stakeholder perspective. Jade, Hogg Does participation in the arts have a positive psycho-social impact for adolescents?

Jaensch, Marius What drives eco-innovations? Jahangir, Abbas Macroeconomic variables and stock prices in a small open economy: The case of Pakistan. Jaicim, Harshil Post-acquisition performance of acquiring firms in the telecommunication industry,UK Jain, Alpika Retail Sector in India.

Jain, Arhant Has Liberalization influenced wages, employment, and productivity and output of firms in India and specifically the automobile industry? Jain, Pritesh Role of colour in packaging and affect on consumer purchase intention. Jaisinghani, Deepika Destination Image of Goa. Jamshed, Sanjarih A qualitative study on the concept of business planning in the context of leaders of small-medium enterprises. Janbi, Nourah Evaluation of P2P file sharing system in the presence of malicious nodes.

Jang, Jr Lung A comparative analysis in UK mortgage banking sector in the perspective of risk assessment after sub-prime crisis. An Empirical Study. Jawahar, Abbas Ansari Internship Project with Groundwork Greater Nottingham To Establish a clear vision and formulate strategies towards that vision in order to position Ground work Nottingham in the competitive funding Environment. Jayamani, Saravana and Goel, Aastha and Radhakrishnan, Manish Krishnan Exploring sustainable market opportunities for Local Generation's mixed plastic packaging waste.

Jespersen, Paul How will regional brewers and their cask beer brands survive and prosper in the face of market changes resulting from Government intervention? Jeyaraj, Indumathi To what extent does the corporate persona impinge upon the ethical self? An insight into the legal sector and the oil and gas industry in Singapore. Ji, Ling Can universities accommodate and enhance communication and collaboration through Moodle? Ji, Xuechun The inflation-economic growth relationship in China.

Jiang, Cheng International HRM in the IJVs: the impacts of interpersonal relationships between employees from different cultural backgrounds on the work performance. Jiang, Fan People management: challenges for the voluntary sector. Jiang, Weijie The role of data standards in supply chain management: a critical review.

Stock Market. Jiawei, Li A study on the relationship between perceived training and organizational commitment among fresh graduates in China. Jim, Chun-hing Could Hong Kong be developed as a romantic destination of tourism? Jimo, Ajeseun L. Jin, Xin A research on exit strategy of foreign venture capital investment in Chinese private business sector. Jingyi, Fu Hypothetical potential merger in south eastern Chinese commercial banks An analysis of cost efficiency.

Johera Ahmed, Shamima An empirical test on the impact of a gender diverse boardroom on agency cost and earnings management in China. Johnson, Mark A Business Plan for Black Dragon Recruitment, accompanied by perspectives on the importance of concious strategic planning for start-up and seedling organisations.

Jones, Andrew MSc Entrepreneurship. Jones, Andrew How can Games Workshop maintain its competitive position? Jones, Daniel F. Jones, Robert Competition, Challenge and Change. Joseph, Shalini Josephine Impact of taxation on economic growth: evidence from Malaysia, developing and developed Asian countries. Joyce, Carly Validation of a Paediatric Early Warning Score through clinical audit and analysis of nursing attitudes. Jubilee, Ribed Vianneca W. Jung, Hans Philip Exploring the link between change- and knowledge management: How to identify employees that utilize their tacit knowledge to sabotage organizational change initiatives.

Juntipwong, Preeyaporn How does social media marketing affect the brand equity of food industry in Thailand? Jurado Salazar, Mariana Fernanda Estimation and analysis of life annuity premiums with distortion risk measures. Velautham, Kamalahshunee Investigation and reflection on how the Malaysian based private sector can maximise their contribution towards the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

Kainer, Leonard Industry 4. Kala, Nitika Hedge Funds vs. Kallimani, Rashmi Exploring the marketing challenges faced by assembled computer dealers. Kaltsaka, Christina The only disability in life is a bad attitude: teachers' perceptions on the need for promoting positive attitudes among non-disabled students towards disabled people and the strategies thereof.

Kalupahana Liyanage, Nuwanjith Bettans De Silva Designing and studying a food diary application to explore environmental awareness. Kalyanpur, Sumedh Exploring and evaluating entry strategies for Small and Medium sized Enterprises entering emerging markets: The case of InterContinental Brands and its prospective entry into India. An evaluation of two contrasting strategies.

Kamaljit, Aujla Outsourcing Accounting Services. Kamusiime, Jackie. Kannan, M. Kansara, Rima The importance of reputation online reviews and word of mouth within Indian restaurants in the UK. Kanthamanond, Piti Fuzzy Binomial Option pricing model: a comparison of the fuzzy binomials and modified numerical methods.

Kapadia, Vidhi Ethical Consumption inFashion. Kapernick, Christopher N. Kapoor, Avya Strategic perspectives of outsourcing; The view within the insurance industry. Karanapakorn, Varisara Identity construction through online luxury consumption among young consumers. Karayiannis, Georgios Exploring the motivations and emotions underlying rewarding self-gift giving and how they encourage achievement oriented goals.

Karia, Niki Inflation management in India. Karousios, Konstantinos An asset pricing model that captures all the proper factors which affect the price of an asset seems to be a far-off reality according to the evidence of the existing ones.

Kartsoni, Alexandra Investigating Greek secondary school teacher understandings of inclusion and issues about teacher training development. Evidence From Malaysia. Kasanga, Edwin Ibrahim Kikuli Performance of telecommunications industry in the wake of liberalisation: the case of Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited. Kasmani, Mohamed Khizer Deep neural networks for spam classification. Kassab, Sarah Automated assignment of modules to lecturers.

Kaur, Rajbir Effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in India. Kawakubo, Noriko Understanding smartphone users' awareness of security and privacy in downloading third-party applications - A survey in UK and Japan. Kawashima, Chisato Financial behaviour and determination of foreign exchange risk management practices, products and techniques, and their use by Japanese firms. Kazi, Noora Naher Emerging market economies amid Covid a country-level analysis.

Kececioglu, Ellen Marie Influencing how young learners think. A case study. Keefe, Gemma The development and evaluation of a computer-based resource to enhance the education of pre-registration nursing students regarding knowledge and attitudes towards pain management.

A study at Aero Engine Controls. Kempson, Susannah A dyslexia-friendly classroom: can this make lessons more inclusive for Kai? Kennard, Michael James The use of training in graduate recruitment: Emerging trends and business opportunities. Kershaw, Joan Susan Conversational analysis: The relevance for health visitor clinic consultations. Kertbo, Kia Consumer value co-creation in online communities: What is the consumer's motivation for participating and contributing in an online community?

Ketteringham, Matthew A needs analysis of the assessed writing genres of a 1st year undergraduate engineering programme. Khalil, Nadiah A business plan for a startup of an event e-marketplace and planning solution in Malaysia. Khan, Adam Effective leadership in startups. Khan, Ambareen Job satisfaction leading to organizational excellence : a case study on expatriate academicians in Malaysian public universities.

Khan, Hassaan Saleem How punctuality affects on time performance in the aviation sector: Pakistan International Airline. Khan, Salar Neo-normative control: An impetus for Millennials or a hoax? Khandelwal, Nikita Role of consumer referrals in decision making and their role in building online brand communities- Case study 50cycles. Khankishiyev, Vusal International accounting standards: What is convergence and whether there is any likelihood of convergence between the EU and the US?

Khanna, Sneha Does celebrity endorsements have an impact or influence the purchase intention or buying behaviour of the youth in India. Khara, Priyal Impact of social media and user- generated content on travellers for vacation decision-making. A Triple Bottom Line Approach. Khattar, Nikhil Dividend Policy and its effects on firm value and share price volatility. Khu, Chooi Ern What is the significance of promoting arts in education for learners with special educational needs today?

Khuc, Minh Hieu Vietnam stock market liberalisation's effect. Kiew, David Chai Nguan First look: understanding vaccination sentiments and intent using big data analytics for public health management. Kirsty, Jones "Misunderstood Individual assignment.

Kladnik, Tina Portfolio optimisation with Equally-weighted risk contributions strategy. Koerner, Riccarda How to build up a credible reputation regarding EY's actual sustainability engagement and corporate responsibility through responsible communication?

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Kowlessur, Manu A qualitative study on the factors affecting the valuation of football players in Europe. Krendzelak, Justyna Tourism in Ibiza Island and its destination life cycle. Kreutel, Felix How to operate the duty free business in future?

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Kuyucuoglu, Orcun Confidential: To assess the viability of a new service concept and to develop a comprehensive business plan for an energy management consultancy EMREG. Kwabena Ntim, Amponsah Heuristic performance on inventory routing with logistic ratio. Kwan, Shiang Shen The impact of stock liquidity on cash holdings: an empirical investigation of listed firms in Malaysia.

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You will receive some notations in written form. These are only a guide and students are encouraged to practice without looking at notes. The course is aimed at adults. We feel that children who have a natural interest in Indian classical music will also be able to benefit from the lessons. The key ingredient is a personal love for the music. Yes, it is possible to view the class on a mobile phone. Headphones are recommended to get the highest quality audio during the lessons.

Naturally, a larger screen will provide easier viewing of the class. Recordings of the complete lesson will not be provided. Students must attend the live lesson on a weekly basis. For your homework, audio recordings will be provided to assist your daily practice. This course encourages learners to sing with tanpura and learning to recognize notes without the aid of any further instruments. Q12 - I learn western music, can I join the course as an observer so that I can appreciate more about Indian music?

This is an excellent idea and you are most welcome to join the course. Please let me know your aims and objectives prior to starting the sessions. Most definitely. Consistent daily practice is the key to seeing improvements during this course. It is ideal for people who enjoy music for their own personal pleasure. Q14 - There are two of us at home, can we join the class together at the same price? You are both welcome to join us at no extra cost.

However, we will only be able to track and give feedback to one of the learners, this will be the person whose name is registered on the course. It is always great to involve the whole family and it is even more enjoyable to practice and sing together. I will definitely encourage this. This course will help you recognize and sing notes much more accurately so that you can improve your personal presentation style.

It will help you tune up and strengthen your voice projection for your regular singing. The entire world has shifted during the Covid pandemic and many teachers now give online lessons. Students from all of the world have personally experienced the benefits of learning Indian classical music through online classes. In our research, students have preferred online as opposed to physical travel as they have made progress that has not previously been possible for various reasons.

We believe that nothing can replace physical teaching, but virtual teaching is the next best thing — it has already given major benefits to many more people all over the world. Surbhi Samdani. Lesson Recording Available. This teacher will record your lessons, if you would like. Read more about how lesson recording works here. Indian Classical Voice, Harmonium. Featured Teacher on Lessonface Since November Embedded video. Book a lesson. Send a Message. Teaching Style.

Lessons For Kids Children will learn how to take musical notation from their music teacher, write a story and fulfill an assignment. Why Surbhi? What to Expect Students and their families can expect lessons to start punctually and to be very structured. Q2 - Will there be homework? Have one to sell? Sell it yourself. Shop with confidence. Get the item you ordered or get your money back.

Learn more - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new window or tab. Seller information. See other items. Contact seller. Item Information Condition:. Brand New Brand New. Add to cart. Best Offer:. Make Offer. Add to Watch list Unwatch.

Watch list is full. An error occurred, please try again. Does not ship to Russian Federation See details for shipping. Located in: Miami, Florida, United States. Ships to: Worldwide See details for shipping. No returns accepted See details - for more information about returns. Related sponsored items. Feedback on our suggestions Feedback on our suggestions Feedback on our suggestions. Showing Slide 1 of 3. Last one Last one Last one. DDFX V.

Report item - opens in a new window or tab. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Item specifics. Item is in original shrink wrap if applicable. See the seller's listing for full details. See all condition definitions opens in a new window or tab.

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